Vive la France!

Day 12 – June 21  We woke up at 5:30 and rolled our suitcases through Venice to the train station, while it was still cool and not crowded outside. The train to Milan (our connecting station) was great and comfortable, but we had to run to make it to our train to Nice. This train … Continue reading

The rest of our Italian journey

Day 8 – June 17 Today, we explored Florence and went to the Academia. There was a pretty long line, but it was worth it to see David. The statue of David was much bigger than I imagined he would be! We saw a lot of other amazing statues and paintings there, so that was … Continue reading

Rome, Assisi and Florence!!

Ok, we haven’t had ANY internet access in our hostels for a week now!! We were kind of going crazy because besides writing this blog, checking e-mail, etc. we had really important information about confirming our reservations for our hostels online or changing our check-in time that we couldn’t do! We had to spend 2 … Continue reading

End of London, Beginning of ROME!!

On the 2nd half of Day 3, (June 12) Zehra’s aunt and uncle took us to this really amazing old-fashioned tea cafe/restaurant called the “Maids of Honour” where you go for tea and pastries in the afternoon.  It was cold and rainy outside, but the tea shop was cozy and warm, and we had delicious cups of tea … Continue reading

Hello from England!!

Hello Everyone! Thankfully, my plane ride over went well and we made it here in England on time! Zehra and I didn’t sleep at all on the plane, but there were plenty of movies to watch and plans to make… plus we were too excited! Also, the person who was supposed to sit next to … Continue reading