Hello from England!!

Hello Everyone!

Thankfully, my plane ride over went well and we made it here in England on time! Zehra and I didn’t sleep at all on the plane, but there were plenty of movies to watch and plans to make… plus we were too excited! Also, the person who was supposed to sit next to us didn’t show up, so we got to put our stuff on it and spread out. The plane food was pretty gross, but we ate right before we left from Atlanta, so we weren’t that hungry anyways. When we arrived in London at 7:30 a.m., we got our bags and Zehra’s uncle was waiting for us, just like two summers ago 🙂 and that brought back memories. He drove us to his house (on the wrong side of the road!!) and we took showers, drank tea, and ate cherry scones for breakfast with Zehra’s aunt. Afterwards, we watched a home movie of the last time we were at her house and it was hilarious!! Zehra and I were in our nice wedding clothes at the wedding reception, and we were the only ones dancing! We looked like we were having a great time and we looked so ridiculous!! But it was fun to remember two years ago. I took a nap after that, and then we went to pick up Zehra’s two cousins, Hannah and Sarah, from their school at 3:30. They were SO excited to see us and show us off to their friends as “real Americans” with our funny accents. We played with them in their backyard (on the trampoline) and saw a RED FOX just walk across the yard like he was a dog or a squirrel, perfectly normal! I freaked out, but the girls were just like, “Aww, there he goes… so anyways, back to the game!” We went out to eat for dinner, then Zehra and I finally caught up on our sleep.

Today (Technically Day 3 of the journey I guess!) Zehra woke up at 3 AM and read a book and took the girls to school at 8, while I slept till 9. We had tea with toast and honey, jam and/or nutella, then packed up and got ready for Zehra’s other uncle to take us to his house (they live about 20 minutes away). Now, we’re planning for Rome, Florence, Assisi, Venice, Nice, and Marseille and how to get to our hotels, etc. We had a major freak-out today because we were expecting our Eurail train ticket to come in the mail at Zehra’s uncle’s house, but it didn’t come with the mail today!! We are leaving for Rome tomorrow morning, so we were thinking of how we could ship it to the hotel in Florence or something, then the package delivery guy came with our tickets… WHEW!!!

I’ll write more in Rome!!!!

I love you!

❤ – HH 🙂

3 Responses to “Hello from England!!”
  1. JulieAnna says:

    Hey Helen Hunter! It sounds like a great start so far! I hope you and Zehra have a great time. It’s funny that you mentioned eating nutella. Because I just had that today at a hotel I work with. It’s so yummie! ;~) Anyways, I’ll be praying for y’alls safety and fun fellowship!?!! I love you!
    God bless you!

  2. katherineannerob says:

    Biddle! OMG I am so jealous! Sounds absolutely wonderful!! 🙂 This is really cool you are doing this! You will absolutely die when you see Rome– there is nothing like it. I am so glad you got there ok and that you and Zehra are off to a wonderful journey! I miss you! 😦 Cant wait to hear more!
    Love! bebe

  3. Mommy says:

    OMG! OMG! Biddle I cannot believe all you have done and seen! I can almost taste the chicken and tuna salad! Let me know what other delicacies you are enjoying! I am so proud of how you two are making it around the country! without panic mode??? I guess the key is flexibility and staying safe! Well Boo made it home from camp and is at the beach with Cole. Sara, Jack Hannah and Cole came over to Tommys and Andrew and I got to hug and catch up! I fixed the boys a huge plate of wings and the rest of us went to the Wharf for dinner by boat. So fun! Neill is busy working and has been spending time with Christina?? from SPS. Do youknow her? anyway, stay in touch, enjoy everything and know that I love you very much! Love, Mommy

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