Rome, Assisi and Florence!!

Ok, we haven’t had ANY internet access in our hostels for a week now!! We were kind of going crazy because besides writing this blog, checking e-mail, etc. we had really important information about confirming our reservations for our hostels online or changing our check-in time that we couldn’t do! We had to spend 2 Euros for 15 min. of internet (special student discount, ha), and unfortunately I cannot type fast enough to include a week’s worth of blog entries in 15 minutes.

Well, a lot has happened since I last posted, so I’ll try to include things without being wordy… but that can be hard for me!

Day 6 – Sunday, June 15

This day in Rome was really amazing!! We went to St. Peter’s for Mass at 9:00, and it was so great to wake up early and walk down the street when it was still cool outside and not crowded. The Mass was in Italian, but there were mostly Americans there, but some locals were there too. We could hear a choir singing from the crypt before Mass started (I guess there was a special Mass going on down there), so that was pretty cool! After Mass, we went back to the apartment for lunch. We stopped by an underground bakery shop (which spoke no English and was filled with locals) and bought the best chicken sandwich and tuna sandwich ever, for only 2 euro (as compared to the 5-7 euro tourist-trap, gross sandwiches)! We went to our rooftop terrace and ate our amazing lunch while overlooking Rome. Afterwards, Zehra and I went to the Colosseum and saw the Roman ruins more in depth than yesterday. We looked for shopping opportunities, but everything was really expensive and/or not so cute. So, we just window-shopped and spent time on the Spanish steps, Pantheon, and finally, the Trevi Fountain. We were at the Trevi fountain at sunset, and it was really beautiful to see the lights come on and everything. For dinner, we went to a piazza with a lot of musicians, artists, fountains and restaurants. It was a nice place, and when we were done, we walked to the metro only to find that it closed early on SUNDAY!! So we had to take a taxi ride. The driver didn’t speak English, but luckily he spoke Spanish and LOVED American rock music, so Zehra talked to him about Smashing Pumpkins and Rage Against the Machine, so he gave us a discount!

Day 7 – June 16

Today we left Rome and headed to Assisi. The view from the top of Assisi was beautiful and St. Francis’ Basilica was also beautiful! We saw where he and his companions were buried, and saw all of the amazing artwork and architecture. I bought some copies of his prayer, which is one of my favorites, and we walked along the narrow streets for a couple of hours. We came back to St. Francis’ so I could buy some souvenirs, and then we left for Florence. On the way to Florence, we met a couple of girls from Chile who were traveling around Europe too, and just happen to be staying in the same place we are in Nice! They were a lot of fun to talk to, and we got their number so we could meet up later. Our hostel in Florence was nice and we had our own bathroom, which was exciting. We went to a restaurant for dinner and soon discovered that food here was INCREDIBLE compared to Rome and especially any “Italian” restaurant in the US!

2 Responses to “Rome, Assisi and Florence!!”
  1. Mommy says:

    Hey my sweet Biddle!!! I cannot believe you and the sisters missed the train! I am glad you had them there for you to pray, cuz I would have been a tad nervous!! It must have been hilarious for all the towns folk to see you and the sisters sprinting down the train station! Please let me know you are safe!!! You know how mommies tend to worry!! So glad you are having such a wonderful experience!! I am very proud of you! Love, Mommy :o)

  2. Helen Hunter says:

    I just now sent you a little e-mail letting you know I’m safe right before I saw this! I’ll call you tomorrow when I find a phone booth and tell you all about my fun times with the nuns in the French countryside!!! I love you!!


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