Leaving La Tour, arriving in PARIS!

Some things I left out from the previous days with the Little Sisters:

1. We all (the novices and I) watched the finals for the Euro Cup (Spain v.s. Germany) together after dinner, and it was hilarious to see the 3 Spanish girls and their reactions during the game – one pacing the floor, one hiding behind her habit, the other one sitting on the edge of her seat. There was one girl who was half-French, half-German, so she was rooting for the other team… I was on the neutral side watching the Spanish girls as much as the actual game.

2. I got to go to singing class with all of the novices and learn all of the chants/songs for the next day – they were all in French! And so pretty! Luckily, my chorus class at St. Paul’s prepared me for the French pronunciation, and I wasn’t completely lost when we were singing. I could look like I knew what was going on the next day at Mass, morning prayer and evening prayer!

On the last day, I was sad to leave all the sisters, but it was ok because I’m going to see all of them again in a couple of weeks in Lourdes (they had one more place on their trip to Lourdes for the 150th anniversary of the Marian Apparition and for the French version of World Youth Day 2008)! When Sr. Marie Columba and another sister drove me to the train station, we hit major traffic. The sisters kept saying “Our Father”s and “Glory Be”s until we finally got there with literally one minute to spare! The Little Sisters grabbed my suitcase and I had my backpack on and we were all running full-speed, the nuns’ habits flying in the wind, and I couldn’t help but laugh and feel like I was in a movie or something! When we got to the platform, the train had just started rolling away, and Sr. Marie Columba actually ran up and asked someone if they could stop the train! It was pretty funny! I got the next train to Paris, which was 30 min. later, and everything was fine. I had the address of my school, and a map of Paris, so once I got to the train station in Paris I found my way to the street of my dorm and asked for more specific directions from there. When the nuns at my dorm answered the door, I felt so happy to see them I said, “Ah! Bon soir ma soeur!” And they were just like, “What?? Who are you? What is your name??” And then I realized it was 10:00 at night and they had probably been waiting for me so they could call my professor to tell him I had finally arrived… oops!


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