Adventures in Paris – Week 2

Sorry for the lack of blogging!! Paris is so busy and we’re all trying to do as much as we can every day. 

The great thing about being in Paris for school is that you go to class from 9-12, then you have the whole afternoon to do whatever you want… in Paris! So on Monday afternoon, a group of six girls and I went to the Catacombs. They were very creepy, but also very cool. The entrance wouldn’t have really been noticeable if there hadn’t been a really long line of people outside. The Catacombs are pretty deep under Paris’ streets, so it was cold and basically tunnels and tunnels of bone-lined walls – the remains of six million Parisians. The designer of the Catacombs organized the bones into an “aesthetically pleasing array”, with the skulls forming crosses, circles, etc. and the extra bones filling the empty spaces in the walls. There were death-related quotes in French and Latin posted on boards throughout the tunnels. One of them said, “SILENCE, MORTAL BEINGS,” in French. 

That night, after dinner served to us by the nuns at the dorm, we went to Montmartre with a big group of girls. We hiked up the stairs to the top of Paris’ highest hill, and saw Sacre Coeur. It was beautiful, with mosaics everywhere and gold shining off the center dome. When we came outside, the sun was setting over Paris, so we soaked it in, while listening to a French guy play, “No Woman No Cry” on his guitar. We saw where the Moulin Rouge was and took pictures everywhere like the tourists we are. At 11:00, we watched the Eiffel Tower sparkle from the top of the city, and it was beautiful! 

Friday, the Franciscan brother from Italy, Roberto, gave an oral presentation in class on St. Francis of Assisi, the Franciscans, and some Middle Ages history.  Everyone loved it and he did a great job speaking in French the whole time!  At the end, he gave necklaces from Assisi to everyone in the class, so that was nice.  After class, Sarah (my roommate) and I went to the Musée d’Orsay with two other girls, and we saw Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, Degas, (etc. all of the Impressionists). It was incredible, and we had a great time. Sarah and I got tired and had coffee in between a few floors, but it was right behind a clock/window, so it was very cool.  We went back home for dinner, then headed to the Louvre with a big group of girls for free!  I saw all sorts of amazing artwork like, “Liberty Leading the People” and “Napoleon crowning himself Emperor”  and so many others than I was so excited to see, since I had studied them in Art History and European History. 



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