Week 3 Highlights from PARIS!

On Sunday, I met up with a group of American students from all over the United States. It was kind of random, because I know a girl who knows the girl in charge of the group of traveling American students, and she said I’d love hanging out with them in Paris, so we met up! … Continue reading

Adventures in Paris – Week 2

Sorry for the lack of blogging!! Paris is so busy and we’re all trying to do as much as we can every day.  The great thing about being in Paris for school is that you go to class from 9-12, then you have the whole afternoon to do whatever you want… in Paris! So on … Continue reading

First weekend in Paris

On Saturday, three of my friends from Auburn and I went to Chartres to see a cathedral that was built in the 800’s. Not the 1800’s, the 800’s. The stained glass windows there were absolutely incredible. There were so many stained glass windows, there was no other light in the cathedral except for votive candles … Continue reading

PARIS, je t’aime!!!

I LOVE PARIS!!! My dorm room is wonderful! Hardwood floors, giant windows overlooking a Parisian street, 3rd floor, bigger than my Auburn dorm from last year, 1 minute from my school, and comfy beds! There are nuns who run the dorm and fix us breakfast (baguettes, cereal, nutella, jelly, coffee, tea, etc.) and dinner (ALWAYS … Continue reading

Leaving La Tour, arriving in PARIS!

Some things I left out from the previous days with the Little Sisters: 1. We all (the novices and I) watched the finals for the Euro Cup (Spain v.s. Germany) together after dinner, and it was hilarious to see the 3 Spanish girls and their reactions during the game – one pacing the floor, one … Continue reading

More of Rennes

For breakfast, I ate by myself in a little dining room. They had the table covered with my breakfast things: a tablecloth, napkin, teapot (with coffee), coffee cup, bread basket, cheese, jelly, butter, milk (fresh from the cow! And steamed for the coffee!), orange juice, fruit, anything I really wanted! Angelle, the novice from Trinidad … Continue reading

Going solo, then getting to Rennes

Ok, so Zehra and I left Provence and went to Marseille next. It was our last train ride together. By the time we got to Marseille, it was already around 4:00, so there wasn’t really any time to go see things or find the beach. We walked around, found a bread shop, ate dinner at … Continue reading

Vive la France!

Day 12 – June 21  We woke up at 5:30 and rolled our suitcases through Venice to the train station, while it was still cool and not crowded outside. The train to Milan (our connecting station) was great and comfortable, but we had to run to make it to our train to Nice. This train … Continue reading

The rest of our Italian journey

Day 8 – June 17 Today, we explored Florence and went to the Academia. There was a pretty long line, but it was worth it to see David. The statue of David was much bigger than I imagined he would be! We saw a lot of other amazing statues and paintings there, so that was … Continue reading

Rome, Assisi and Florence!!

Ok, we haven’t had ANY internet access in our hostels for a week now!! We were kind of going crazy because besides writing this blog, checking e-mail, etc. we had really important information about confirming our reservations for our hostels online or changing our check-in time that we couldn’t do! We had to spend 2 … Continue reading