First weekend in Paris

On Saturday, three of my friends from Auburn and I went to Chartres to see a cathedral that was built in the 800’s. Not the 1800’s, the 800’s. The stained glass windows there were absolutely incredible. There were so many stained glass windows, there was no other light in the cathedral except for votive candles and a few candle-looking lamps in random places. When we entered the cathedral, we heard an organ echoing through the whole place and it was amazing. People were quiet and didn’t talk as much as they would have if there hadn’t been beautiful music playing. At one point, when the organ stopped playing, a choir started singing songs to Mary and it was crazy to think that 1000 years ago, people sang there, prayed there, walked there just like we were. Another cool thing about Chartres is that Henry IV (Henry of Navarre) was crowned king there! That was fun for me since I learned about him in my European History class. We had a delicious lunch, and then a cozy tea time with a French version of apple pie and headed back to Paris (1 hour away).

On Sunday morning, Sarah, Edith and I went to Notre Dame for the Gregorian Chant Mass and it was so beautiful! The chant was from the 12th century and in Latin, but they gave us a translated program so we could follow along. Notre Dame and the Mass were so incredible! We ate lunch next to Notre Dame and listened to the bells chime and the jazz street band play while we ate our croque monsieurs, and crêpes. After lunch, we went to the Bird Market and looked at all of the different kinds of birds for sale. There were also little mice, ferrets, bunnies, guinea pigs, etc. that had little baguettes in their cages and were for sale too. Sarah has a bird at home, so she held one on her hand like a pro! After the bird market, we went to the Centre Pompidou and saw lots of modern artwork like Jackson Pollock and Matisse for free because all museums in Paris are free on the first Sunday of the month.  Edith knew of a restaurant that was recommended to her by a friend, so we went there for dinner. It was tucked away and was mainly a locals’ restaurant, and the waiter was very nice! We had escargots (delicious), bread and goat cheese, duck gizzards (actually really good!), salad, and mousse au chocolat for dessert, so good! 🙂 Afterwards, we went home to do our devoirs (homework) but it wasn’t too bad, especially after the weekend we had!

2 Responses to “First weekend in Paris”
  1. FAJA says:

    un petit Biddle!!!

    You are having a fantabulous trip Biddle! I am so happy for you! Let me add that you know Grandmother is going to wince when she reads “Me and my three friends…” instead of “My three friends and I went….” hahahaha

    I sense that your time at Rennes was especially meaningful for you, and I loved how you visited with the older folks. I especially would have LOVED being there when you were talking with the “granmere” who was 16 when the Germans invaded….I would have snarfed up every morsel of her stories. Biddle, whatever your life path you know I support your dreams. Remember that this time in Paris and Italy and France in general is a great opportunity for reflection on what your heart and soul is speaking to you…where God is leading you.

    When I was your age I ignored that calling…of course, it is a good thing I did, or else you wouldn’t be here! So, in a way, my purpose was to meet your mother and with God’s grace welcome five Jeeblets into the world.

    But I do believe that you have to be true to yourself. I sense that you are truly at home in your journey, that you are loving the life in France, and speaking French, absorbing the culture and feeling like you belong in that world….the fact that you wanted to get away from the English speakers says volumes!

    It also sounds like your time with the novices and postulants was especially meaningful to you, and the fact that you can travel with the Sisters to Lourdes is no accident… that they had ONE space left on the bus…for YOU!!

    please keep me updated and know how much I love you, how happy I am that you are experiencing these things, and make a special effort to thank Granmere, through whom your trip, with God’s blessing, was made possible!

    We are going to Watercolor 2 August….Papa’s birthday!! Remember him in your prayers!



  2. Mommy says:

    Hey my sweet Biddle!!! what a fabulous time you are having! I remember our trip to Paris and your descriptions of the sights sounds and flavors are just as I remember! Papa and I actually ate the duck gizzards and they were DIVINE!!! and of course the goat cheese, yummy bread and mousse au chocolat!!!! Enjoy!!! Daddy took Sally Andrew and Bebe to Destin for a long weekend for the Bar Assoc convention so it is just Neilly poo and me. He spent the night out last night so I cleaned and washed sheets..just about through washing all of Sally’s camp stuff!! Ick! OK, sweetie, savor every moment and keep up your blog! Your descriptions are wonderful!!! I love you very much!! mommy :o)

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